"No activity or inactivity of the mind

will make the peace of our true nature

more or less present

than it is in this very moment."

Disclaimer: All words/concepts are only intended as pointers for our own living exploration (-;

It is not about right or wrong, good or bad, but the bravery to playfully discover and relax lifelong misconceptions.


Allen once mentioned the word here-ing in one of our Garden of Friends meetings.

The first here is the here of thinking and perceiving, assuming a 'me' in space and time.

The sense of time is produced by thinking, the sense of space is rendered through the senses.

The second here is the here of direct knowing:
'I am' aware, here; never there!

This here is not personal, not physical, not limited by time and space, it is prior to the arising of mind.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

This is not complicated philosophy, but a gentle invitation to a profound exploration.

It is not about cleverness or the gaining of more knowledge or super powers, but to risk a little openness:

To experience the unconditioned peace and happiness of our true nature.

Why bother?

Our human suffering, our sense of lack, our restlessness, our endless hunger for more, the wasting of our precious earth and man's inhumanity is only due to being unaware of the second here – the presence of awareness.

Is there something we can do?

Even noble intentions can be a stumbling block, when hijacked by ego.

I find it priceless to come together, to discover, clarify, celebrate and share our love for truth; to take a fresh look at what we assume ourself to be and what we believe to know.

It is always a win-win to expand beyond the confinements of our likes and dislikes; to experience that the discernment between me and not-me is conceptual.

Holger Hub-bs